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2020 Vision: Wellbeing Industry Predictions 

Leading experts in health and wellbeing, HR and business share insights on emerging trends that will impact your employee experience in 2020 and beyond. Explore the predictions in detail and get related resources to turn your vision into action, or download the complete eBook here.


David Osborne
CEO, Virgin Pulse

Many health and wellbeing point solutions will be subsumed into broader, more comprehensive digital platforms.

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Richard Branson
Founder, Virgin Group

Major positive shifts in wellbeing are being driven by a desire from businesses to take a stand on what they believe in.

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Josh Bersin
HR Industry Analyst, CEO of Bersin Academy

Wellbeing is evolving from an important HR program to an urgent corporate strategy.

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Dr. David Batman
Specialist Consultant in Occupational Medicine

Healthcare providers and individuals will make a dramatic shift toward “lifestyle as medicine”.

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Mary Marzec
PhD, Senior Scientist, Virgin Pulse

Employers will prioritize leveraging wellbeing and elements of culture for more effective wellbeing initiatives.

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Rajiv Kumar &
Gary Smithson
Chief Medial Officer & Medical Director, Virgin Pulse

As we embrace technology, doctors will embrace digital therapeutics.

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Dr. David Katz
MD, MPH, Founder and CEO, DietID

Diet quality will increasingly be measured, tracked, and managed as the vital sign it deserves to be.

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Deepak Chopra
MD, FACP, Founder of The Chopra Foundation

The future of wellbeing is bioregulation and homeostasis through self-regulation.

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Dr. Susan David
PhD, Harvard Medical School Psychologist

Organizations will come to see emotional agility skills as the critical skills they are.

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Andrew Jacobus
Vice President, Virgin Pulse Institute

As wellbeing programs grow and evolve, hyper-customization will continue to grow in demand.

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Jeff Brizzolara &
Jan van Dis
Chief Clinical Officer, Virgin Pulse & MD, Medical Director, Maven

There will be more focus on supporting the emotional wellbeing of employees moving away from a reactive approach.

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Sangeeta Agarawal & Marin Hoffman
Founder and CEO, Helpsy Health & VP of Clinical Services, Virgin Pulse

Health coaching will play an increasingly important role in providing social support to motivate people.

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