2023 Wellbeing Calendar

Jumpstart your new year planning and
wellbeing programs with 12 months of ideas

Our highly-anticipated wellbeing calendar is here!

This calendar was made to support you, as well as individual, and company wellbeing goals going into the new year.

What we've included:

  • The most important dates you need to know for wellbeing, HR, DEI, and healthcare
  • Monthly themes & healthy habit challenges to leverage at your organization
  • Supporting content & resources to use for various awareness months, weeks, and days

Use this printable calendar to plan ahead, prepare early, and support your people for important wellbeing awareness months, days, and holidays with the resources embedded directly in the calendar.

Print it out and hang it in your office, home office, or on your fridge for a daily reminder to put wellbeing first.


Unlock the Calendar