5 strategies to reduce risk for HR leaders

A global situation that requires a safety net

Two constant questions the C-Suite has asked of HR over the past three years – what should we be doing? And what are others doing?

It started with the pandemic, then the mental health crisis, and now businesses are trying to understand what to do amid the uncertainty of new global obstacles. And, with good reason. The bottom line is that employee struggles cost businesses. You can’t afford to see impacts on the financial health of your organization.

Yet, for the 98% of HR professionals signaling they are burned out, many, if not all, are left to shoulder these macro workplace issues mainly on their own. Building healthy, resilient, and engaged workforces is impossible without the right support systems at every level, let alone taking control of your health and wellbeing.

When nothing is normal and every day feels like a crisis, how can you prepare your workforce for more uncertainty?

Leverage this guide to learn:
  • The cost of staying the same while everything else is changing
  • How to create psychological safety at work to avoid voluntary turnover
  • Why you need to go beyond HR to impact burnout
  • The impact of the right resources at the right time for you and your workforce
  • And, resources to help you on your journey including replays from Virgin Pulse clients sharing how they use wellbeing to move their organization forward

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