Summer '22
Launch Season

Simplifying and personalizing the process of finding the right care at the right time

Summer '22 Launch Season is here and we're excited to share what's new! Join us for a 3-part webinar series to learn about what's new and how you can take advantage of these great offerings.


For your convenience, we've divided the launch season into three sessions, each held at two different times throughout the day.  

Session 1: Continue rocking it 

We want to remind you of all the capabilities available to you today so you can continue to drive engagement, utilization, and health and wellbeing outcomes. Join Session 1 for a refresher on the tactics you should continue and discover what's coming this summer:

  • Newly-added partners in our global partner ecosystem  
  • Multi-modal coaching as part of Live Services  
  • New and refreshed DEI and mental health content  
  • Expanded challenge theme library  
  • Purposefully designed and optimized digital front door  
Session 2: What’s next for Summer 2022 

Now that we've laid the foundation, let’s build on it with additional enhancements and capabilities to take your program even further. Tune into Session 2 to learn what you can take advantage of as part of your 2023 program refresh, including

  • Integrated claims to enhance members' experiences with My Care Checklist 
  • New innovative global partners to substitute into your VP+ partner bundle 
Session 3: Considerations

There’s always room to grow your wellbeing programs and we’re here to guide you every step of the way! Join our final session to learn about additional opportunities to amplify your health, wellbeing, and navigation program, including:

  • Enhanced Live Services experience with multi-modal communication 
  • Integrate claims information for an even greater data-driven experience that supports members from healthy living to condition management and reversal.
  • Fold benefits and health navigation into an engagement platform with VP Navigate 
  • Accelerate your health outcomes with a partner collection designed to address key categories in one turnkey solution 
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Recap and Replays

From June 14-16, we held our Summer 2022 Launch three-part webinar series where a few of our experts, including Allie McDonald and Scott Robitaille (Senior Directors of Account Management) as well as Brian Baker and Maggie Scott (Directors of Strategic Development), introduced this season’s enhancements and expanded offerings. 

Meet our speakers


Allie McDonald

Senior Client Success Director


Scott Robitaille

Senior Client Success Director


Brian Baker

Director, Strategic Development


Maggie Scott

Director, Strategic Development

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