Webinar Replay

The Key to Achieving Your

New Year's Resolutions 

Dr. BJ Fogg Shares Science-Backed Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Are you among the 60% of people who have made resolutions the new year? If so, have you been able to stick to them? A shocking 80% of resolutions fail by February each year. 

bj-fogg_200x200Join Dr. BJ Fogg in this webinar replay to learn how to transform certain behaviors into habits that help you stick to your resolutions. BJ will thoroughly walk through his "Swarm of Behaviors" methodology and help you apply it to your specific goals. 

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

  • Why most New Year's Resolutions fail 
  • The key to lasting behavior change 
  • How to tap into your aspirations 
  • How to apply the "Swarm of Behaviors" to achieve your goals (interactive session; worksheet will be provided after signing up) 
  • Tactics to help your employees feel successful and achieve their goals 

Watch the Replay

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