BJ Fogg's Video Guide to How Behavior Works

In this educational video series, you will gain in-depth insight into Dr. BJ Fogg’s famed human behavior system. Offered exclusively by Virgin Pulse, BJ Fogg's Video Guide to How Behavior Works will help you use science and proven methodology to create an irresistible employee experience that impacts business success. 

Dr. BJ Fogg is a leading behavior change expert, director of Stanford University’s Persuasive Tech lab, one of Fortune Magazine’s “10 New Gurus You Should Know” and a member of the Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board. In this five-level video series, Dr. Fogg will share his unique perspective on behavior, the role of motivation and ability and how to influence behavior change in your employees.

Rajiv-Headshot-2015_1May16.png"At Virgin Pulse, we know that understanding how behavior works is the key to building an employee experience that will drive engagement, productivity, business performance and – ultimately – show your people you care about them. That’s why we work closely with Dr. BJ Fogg on the research and development of all of our employee wellbeing and engagement products and why we have partnered with Dr. Fogg to make his insights and strategies available to benefit business leaders worldwide"

- Rajiv Kumar, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and President of the Virgin Pulse Institute

Get started with BJ Fogg's Video Guide to How Behavior Works 

Jump right in like it’s freshman year all over again! Except, this time, a course takes less than 15 minutes. There are five levels of six 2-to-3 minute lessons, each building on what you learned in the one before. They can be completed at your own pace - little by little or in a single session. Enroll now to get started with "Level 100: Foundations of the Fogg Behavior Model."