Boosting Business with Employee Well-being

How Companies Use Well-being Programs and What's Ahead in 2016

Many factors affect employee well-being, which in turn affects productivity, morale, work culture, and a host of other work outcomes. Poor physical health, work stress, and strained employer/employee relationships can lead to disengagement and lost productivity. To address these issues, employee well-being needs to move beyond being a human resources initiative and become a business imperative.

Download this state of the industry report to discover how companies are using employee well-being programs to not only improve employee health, but to also drive business benefits and create happy, productive, thriving workforces. You'll learn:

  • Your peers' top priorities, challenges, and budget changes for 2016
  • Why companies are implementing employee well-being programs
  • How companies are taking a more holistic approach with well-being programs
  • Where executives and managers' viewpoints differ