Supporting Employees Who Are Struggling Silently

Many disabilities include conditions that are not always apparent to the outside world. Here's how to help employees who are suffering with hidden challenges.

Invisible disabilities can range from anxiety and depression to hearing and vision impairment to diabetes. About 1 in 10 U.S. adults live with an invisible disability1 and these invisible disabilities can compromise an employee's ability to work under normal conditions.   

jessica-isom-circle"In the United States, sixty-one million people are experiencing some kind of functional impairment associated with a disability. The question for us must be: How can we be more inclusive?" – Dr. Jessica Isom, Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board 

Building a culture of inclusivity that embraces employees of all abilities and backgrounds is a foundational piece of your organization’s DEI initiatives. Embracing the abilities of all members of your workforce is essential to employee engagement, wellbeing, and sustainable competitive advantage for your organization. 

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1. Disabled World

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