Client Spotlight

Suffolk Public School's Dedication to Creating a Happy, Healthy, and Productive Staff

Spark engagement, build inclusion, and dial in all with wellbeing

Meet Suffolk Public Schools (SPS), a school district in Virginia with over 2,000 staff members and a longtime Virgin Pulse client. 

SPS has evolved their wellness program overtime to focus on:

  • Ensuring all staff members are included and engaged in the program
  • Taking care of all members with wellness top of mind
  • Continuing to make wellness exciting, personal & inclusive

See what fuels their program's growth in this client success story. 

Plus! You'll get here from their Coordinator of Employee Wellness, Anne McCoy, on how they implemented a district-wide health & wellbeing program for improved performance, behavior change, social connection, and more.

See how they did it

If you're focused on these areas for your workforce, this success story is for you:

Employee Retention • Quiet Quitting • Corporate Culture • Education • Benefits • HR Communications • Workplace Wellness • Employee Engagement • DEI • Rewards & Incentives

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