“People who hear about the wellbeing program we have here with Virgin Pulse want to come work with us. The employees we have want to stay as a result.”

Success Stories: The Impact of the Virgin Pulse Platform on Productivity

Supporting employee wellbeing helps your workforce realize positive health outcomes that also drive powerful results for your business. 

Virgin Pulse’s suite of award-winning technology solutions are proven to boost employee productivity, resulting in a positive impact on your bottom line. With Virgin Pulse, employees are more likely to stay with your organization, are more energetic on the job and take fewer sick days - creating a measurable boost in your organization's overall performance. 

Download this collection of case studies to discover:

  • How Virgin Pulse increases productivity into organizations' workforces.
  • Why daily engagement on a wellbeing platform is crucial to success.
  • Increased business performance metrics realized through the Virgin Pulse program.