The Chief Wellness Officer:
A New Leader in the C-Suite

The quickly emerging leadership position that can improve employee health and organizational culture.

Employers can no longer ignore the increasing rates of employee stress and burnout, chronic disease and absenteeism impacting their workforce today. As more organizations take action to prioritize population health and wellbeing in the wake of the pandemic, many are considering appointing a new C-level executive, the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO). 

The role of the CWO has emerged over the last two decades but has rapidly gained popularity over the last year in response to COVID-19. Discover how you can make the business case to bring on a CWO to address major public health crises impacting your people and your organization. 

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  • The role and responsibilities of a CWO
  • How a CWO can improve population health and wellbeing while enhancing organizational culture
  • What to consider when hiring a CWO and how to set them up for success
  • Why other leading organizations decided to hire for this new leadership position

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