60% of Americans Suffer from a Chronic Condition

Employees with chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, cost U.S. businesses $530 billion per year in lost productivity. Learn how you can help employees prevent, manage or reverse chronic conditions and bring their best selves to work every day.

The cost of healthcare benefits continues to skyrocket and widespread chronic conditions are playing a big role. Learn about the current landscape of employee benefits and how to boost enrollment in the benefits you offer. 

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The Costs of Chronic Conditions

Join Jeff Brizzolara, Chief Clinical Officer at Virgin Pulse, in this webinar replay to learn how chronic conditions are defined and actions that can be taken to reduce the prevalence and costs. 

You'll learn:

  • Most common chronic conditions
  • Major risk factors
  • The cost and impact on employers
  • Condition management case studies 

It's Time We Talk About the
Current State of Health in America

Chronic diseases are negatively impacting the U.S. workforce.

million Americans have diabetes and 1 in 4 don't know they have it.

of Americans are obese. 

of Americans die from heart disease and stroke each year.

Support a Healthy Workforce

Learn the major risk factors of chronic diseases and how you can empower your employees to make healthy choices. 


Guide: 5 Keys to Effective Condition Management 
Problems such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity account for 85% of healthcare spending and are the leading causes of death in the US. Learn the five critical elements of a condition management program.

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Webinar Series Replay: Expert Health Coaching 
Coaching is a powerful method to help bridge an employees wellbeing challenges and goals with the solutions that will best optimize their health. Listen to a coaching call and learn how it can benefit your organization.

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Webinar Replay: What to Eat to Prevent Chronic Illness
Dr. David Katz, one of the world's leading experts on lifestyle medicine, discusses the foods to incorporate and eliminate from your diet to prevent and reverse five of the most common chronic conditions. 

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High-Tech, High-Touch Programs

Empower people with easy-to-use, personalized solutions and support.


Learn the four key components to a successful coaching program and how to implement one within your organization.

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There's a lot to consider when evaluating wellbeing vendors - that's why we've created this guide to walk you through each question to ask. 

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