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Employers are looking for new ways to better engage their employees and build strong company cultures. While working through these uncertain times, give your workforce something positive to focus on with fun and friendly team-based challenges that help foster collaboration and creativity.

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3 Surprising Benefits of Workplace Challenges eBook Mockup

3 Surprising Benefits of
Workplace Challenges

Though there's no one-size-fits-all answer to magically get your workforce harmoniously socializing, you can leverage the power of digital wellbeing to allow for these interactions to occur with more frequency, and purpose.

View the quick read to learn:

  • The benefits of friendly competition far beyond a workplace step challenge.
  • How social connections can improve health outcomes and career goals.
  • How stronger teams equate to stronger businesses.

Did You Know?

94% of executives believe strong company culture is key to business success.

86% of potential employees would not apply or continue to work for a company that has a bad reputation with former employees or the public.

70% of global leaders believe that investing in employee wellbeing positively impacts corporate culture.

How a Corporate Step Challenge Can Help Combat Social Isolation 

The state of fluctuating stress that social isolation causes can have extremely detrimental effects on a person's mental, emotional and even physical health. See how you can help combat these risk factors associated with long periods of isolation with a solution as simple as a corporate step challenge to enable your employees to connect, support and recognize each other’s achievements.

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

  • How personalized healthcare can create a path to the prevention of chronic illnesses.
  • Where different sources of isolation can come from; physically, mentally, and socially.
  • The link between lifestyle and health outcomes.

Cultivating Strong Company Cultures

Group Brainstorm

Diversity and Culture in the Workplace

Read insights from Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, the American Medical Association's (AMA) inaugural chief health equity officer and vice president to learn what to consider when centering equity into your organization's culture and practices.

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Creating Connectivity Through Wellbeing

Visa has a strong international presence with a diverse and widespread workforce. They were keen to strengthen teamwork and communication between their international offices and offer a program that would deliver fun and positive outcomes in the workplace.

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Coworkers talking

Forrester Research: Total Economic Impact Study

See how the Virgin Pulse platform fuels better business across the board including productivity, retention, safety, absenteeism, collaboration and company culture and how your organization can increase productivity by 14%, and save over $6 million.

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