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Creating Mindful leaders:
How to power down, up & Forward

New research from Harvard Business Review and The Potential Project has found that the three most impactful qualities in leadership are mindfulness, selflessness and compassion. It’s time to cultivate kind work cultures, both from the top down to transform businesses from the inside out.

Joe Burton HeadshotJoin Joe Burton, CEO/Founder of Whil, in this webinar replay to learn how business leaders can apply mindfulness and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills to every aspect of life, including managing disruption and stress in high-performing cultures.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Research-backed brain training techniques to reduce stress and be more resilient
  • Science behind how the brain works to optimize healthy cognitive processes for sustainable wellbeing and performance 
  • How to begin your own practice, applying new approaches to thrive through ongoing change
  • How to apply positivity, mindfulness and EQ skills as a competitive advantage in life and for your company culture
  • How Whil's award-winning wellbeing training now seamlessly integrates into Virgin Pulse

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