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Culture Check: Getting a Pulse on your Culture

Interested in driving change and aligning your organization this year? This webinar is for you.

In this session,  you'll hear from Virgin Pulse Culture Check experts and client, DTE Energy, as they come together to discuss your most pressing questions around implementing Culture Check, like:

How do you get leadership buy-in on implementing Culture Check? 

When is a good time to implement Culture Check? Are there certain red flags to consider?  

You'll hear first hand from DTE on the biggest challenges they faced when implementing Culture Check and the way its transformed their organization since.

Culture Check focuses on fostering a health and wellbeing culture as a whole and demonstrates that a strong workplace culture is associated with lower employee stress, depression, and higher work engagement—independent of individuals’ health status, gender, and job class. Backed by scientific research with validated tools, Culture Check delivers confidence in two ways: 

  • Validation: Confidence that your culture is aligned with your business goals 
  • Prioritization: Confidence in the changes required to align culture with your business goals


Mary Marzec, PhD
Senior Scientist, Virgin Pulse

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