2020 Wellbeing Predictions
with Deepak Chopra

"The future of wellbeing is bioregulation and homeostasis through self-regulation."

The Future of Wellbeing

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Metahuman: Venturing Beyond Limitations

What is a Metahuman? Hear Deepak discuss the secrets for achieving a higher state of consciousness that will allow you to "go beyond" and discover your hidden potential.

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Ten Questions with Deepak Chopra

In this quick read, Deepak shares insightful answers to many age-old wellbeing questions as they pertain to the his six pillars of wellbeing and offers advice on fostering wellness among diverse workforces.

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About Deepak Chopra, MD FACP

deepak-chopra-circle-headshot-updated-dec2019Deepak Chopra, MD, world renown wellbeing expert, is the founder of the Chopra Foundation and a New York Times best-selling author. His prediction is the future of wellbeing is bioregulation and homeostasis through self-regulation with emphasis
on the following seven pillars of wellbeing:

1.  Sleep
2. Meditation and Stress Management
3. Movement, Yoga, Pranayama
4. Emotions
5. Nutrition, Nourishment
6. Biological Rhythms, Grounding
7. Metahuman

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