Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A library of resources for fostering a more inclusive, supportive and anti-racist culture within your organization. 

The events that highlighted racial injustice in 2020 have served as a catalyst for real change. Racial equity is long overdue, and employees are demanding that organizations raise the bar when it comes to health equity and inclusivity. Employers are in a unique position – and have an obligation – to create equal opportunity for all, as well as fostering an environment where employees can be their best, most authentic selves.  
"It's important for structural change regarding the policies and processes we create to be combined with a human-centered approach that talks about culture and behavior change. Only then can we advance more equitable opportunities for all employees."
Marlette Jackson, PhD 
Access our ever-growing library of resources that will help organizations like yours make this fundamental shift to an equitable workplace culture and environment. 

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Build Health Equity to Promote a Diverse and Inclusive Culture