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Do wellbeing programs really work? with Dr. Ron Goetzel and dr. jessica grossmeier

Learn Why Some Wellbeing Programs Fail and Others Succeed and How to Set Yours Up for Success 

Join us in this webinar replay with Dr. Ron Goetzel, Senior Scientist and Director of the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies, and Vice President  of Consulting and Applied Research for Truven Health Analytics; and Dr. Jessica Grossmeier, Vice President of Research at HERO and founder of Verify Analytics. 


Dr. Goetzel and Dr. Grossmeier will share their insights on the results of the recent University of Illinois Wellness Program Study. 

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Industry "chatter" as it relates to the results of the study
  • Key takeaways from the study
  • How you should approach wellbeing when you have a community of doubters
  • How to design your workplace wellbeing program for success 

What attendees said:

"I appreciate pointing out the true findings of the Illinois study and how to put it all into perspective. This topic was brought up at my last employer meeting and I was caught off guard and didn't have a good response. Now I feel like I do for any future meetings"

"I really enjoyed the back and forth dialog between all three (and live videos) instead of your typical, each person talks about their section while slides are up."


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