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Fixing America's Broken Healthcare System

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Marty Makary

When it comes to healthcare transparency, Dr. Marty Makary understands the lay of the land, current hazards that impact the system, and the tools needed to lead the change we so desperately need. 

Dr.-Martin-MakaryRead insights from renowned health policy expert and Johns Hopkins surgeon, New York Times best-selling author and Fox News public health and medical analyst. Dr. Marty Makary has seen firsthand how current policies and billing practices are limiting access to care and causing immense financial stress for patients. Now he’s using his voice to empower healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients to rise to the challenge and inspire nation-wide change. 

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  • The current landscape of our healthcare system.
  • The future impact of digital health and what to expect.
  • Why relationship-based clinics have become critical to delivering great care. 

"The problems we’re facing are very addressable, but they don’t fit into our billing and coding system. The really exciting players in medicine today are the disruptors who are working around the system and figuring out novel ways to address underlying issues in health and deliver really great, accessible care.” 

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