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This marks our 14th year of bringing awareness to physical, emotional, mental, financial, social, and community needs during global Employee Wellbeing Month, but there is still more we can do together.

Join our ecosystem partners and us in amplifying wellbeing by removing stigma, supporting employees globally, and ensuring accessible and equitable access to personalized health and wellbeing during global Employee Wellbeing Month 2022

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What does wellbeing look like for you and your community? 

This year, we are celebrating what wellbeing looks like together. Human connections and building community are especially critical for addressing the effects of stress, anxiety, burnout, and other forms of work and life challenges globally. Share what wellbeing looks like for you and your community using the hashtag #showusyourwellbeing to be entered to win a ticket to Thrive Summit 2023.   

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Ways to support employee wellbeing across your organization

Employee Wellbeing Month 2022 Resources

June 2022 Wellbeing Calendar

1_DarkCreate a culture of care and belonging 

Workplace culture consists of unwritten rules of what it really means to be an employee at a company. These are the real core values embodied and reinforced by leadership styles, procedures, and perceptions of what’s valued at your organization. Creating a purposefully planned and executed culture increases trust, boosts organizational satisfaction, reinforces healthy lifestyles, leads to social connections and a sense of belonging, and leads to employee engagement, resulting in better bottom-line business results by every measure.

Learn how to move beyond a SharePoint site and into a thriving culture.

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2_DarkRecognize the individual as the center of their health and wellbeing experience 

Health and wellbeing are personal, not a one-size-fits-all approach. There’s incredible power in our daily habits. They can be positive or negative. Sometimes bad habits or the parts of our routine that aren’t helping us are obvious; other times, they are supporting unrecognized behaviors. Trying fixes others use on TikTok for a diet, workout, or app – isn’t the best approach, leaving people overwhelmed and confused about their own health and wellbeing and not feeling any better. Each person has their own needs centered around lifestyle, work schedule, health history, genetics, social determinates of health, medications, age, and more. Additionally, digital-only works for some; others prefer a coach or guide to learn more about their behaviors and activate behavior change. 

With a complex and confusing ecosystem of ‘fixes,’ employees look to those they trust, their employer, to help them navigate their individual needs through organizational benefits. What will you do with this power to impact the health and wellbeing of your employees? 

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Curious what wellbeing looks like to others? Let's raise the collective!

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3_DarkEmpower the change-makers in your organization 

Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board member Dr. David Batman shares wisdom – re-arrange the letters listen, and you get silent. While annual employee surveys and exit interviews alert urgency, your retention risks could be mitigated ahead of time by empowering wellbeing advocates. Employee-led groups can help identify and solve core employee needs leadership is often unaware of until employees begin leaving your organization. Building strong employee resource groups, communities of practice, and empowering wellbeing ambassadors and wellbeing champions and coordinators helps organizations make change happen to reshape experience and culture. 

Change is a team sport 

Watch an on-demand replay of how Virgin Pulse Employee Impact Groups (EIGs) activate purpose, belonging, and inclusion, including case studies and tangible takeaways

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4_DarkActivate your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy 

In the past two years, many organizations have taken steps to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. In a 2021 report from Lever, DEI was among the top five priorities for employers they surveyed. Yet, DEI hasn’t moved beyond a one-hour annual training for many organizations. The urgency has never been greater. The future workforce is more diverse than ever, and Gen Z is heavily prioritizing company values in their employment decisions. 

Toolkit for DEI and People Leaders 
Learn from DEI experts at Headspace, Virgin Pulse, Moody’s, and ModelExpand, access guides and resources, and download your DEI action plan. 

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5_DarkBetter together - foster social connections 

We’ve said it before: healthy employees are happy employees. And the gift keeps on giving because (no surprise here) happier employees are more likely to be physically and mentally healthy.   

Having a robust social network is associated with a reduced risk of depression and anxiety, lower levels of stress, increased motivation to engage in self-care, and longer life. Conversely, studies have noted, “Low social interaction was reported to be similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and being an alcoholic, more harmful than not exercising, and twice as harmful as obesity.”  

Learn more about the value of social connections in the workplace and how wellbeing can help foster these connections

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6_DarkRemove the barriers that lead to burnout 

Thrive Summit speaker Michelle Courtney Berry defined stress as having too much and burnout as not having enough. Watch the Thrive Replay: Building the Teams of Tomorrow Today.

Burnout isn’t about the individual; it is the workplace. Withburnout now officially recognized by the World Health Organization, the responsibility for managing it has shifted away from employees and toward employers. Burnout is preventable, and you have the power to activate change in your organization. So, the question becomes: what can organizations do to banish burnout? 

Download the stress awareness toolkit with resources to help you activate change in your organization.

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Employee Wellbeing - make benefits accessible and equitable to all

Introducing global Employee Wellbeing Month 2022 VP+ partner offers, and toolkits designed to help People Leaders easily establish a culture of health and wellbeing across organizations worldwide, and resources for ERGs and wellness advocates to help create workplace belonging and amplify a culture of care. 
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Global Capabilities, Engaging the World in Wellbeing

With 1100 global clients and over thirteen million members around the world, we are the only global wellbeing offering in the market today.  

Our professional-grade administrative tools are coupled with over 350 global employees across 8 international offices, and we help your global champions push localized content in over 20 of their native languages. Learn here how our global capabilities can help you focus on the health and wellbeing of everyone around the world. 

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Share on LinkedIn using #employeewellbeingmonth and tag @VirginPulse so we can celebrate you! 

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