Culture Check for Your Organisation


As organisations faced significant and new challenges this past year, it's important to understand the overall impact and performance of your health and wellbeing programme in this new context. With a clear view of what's working well, and what needs to be improved, your organisation can more efficiently utilise its limited resources in order to engage employees in activities that positively impact health and wellbeing.


That's where the Culture Check comes in.

Culture Check combines a proven evidence-based methodology, best practices, and world-leading expertise to give you an in-depth, 360° view of your corporate health and wellbeing programme´s performance and recommendations for improvement.


The results have allowed for a more systematic approach to our wellness programmes. Our organisation is much more unified around supporting employee health after using the assessment.
─ Hal Luttschwager, Missoula County Risk Manager, Human Resources
Having a metric that is benchmarked is key to engaging executive leadership.
─ Karen Personett, Manager, Health and Wellbeing, DTE Energy
Work & Wellbeing was so helpful to understand what is going on with our programme. Every organisation needs to do this!
─ Candice Gwin, Wellness Program Manager,Children’s Mercy

Culture Check for Your Organisation

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