Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit

Tips, resources and practical ideas to help your organisation take action and promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.


Redefining wellbeing with a DEI lens

Learn how DEI and wellbeing are connected and what you should be doing to create an inclusive employee wellbeing strategy that benefits all individuals in your workforce.

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How to celebrate World Cultural Diversity Day

DEI isn't all about serious training and presentations. Embrace it in a fun and engaging way with these ideas to celebrate cultural diversity at work!

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Benefits of a DEI organisational culture

What does it actually mean to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation? And why do organisations that embrace DEI see 8x better business results than their competitors?

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Equity vs Equality

Discover the difference between equality and equity. Plus, get practical steps on how you can drive change at an organisational level and start creating a more equitable workplace today.

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Celebrate Cultural Diversity

Share this virtual dice with your team, put to practice one of its five suggestions and get chatting about what you all did and learnt in your next catch-up! 

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The impact of social determinants of health

Where does health begin? A productive daily routine, at the gym or maybe even at the doctor’s office?  It's actually formed much earlier – and reinforced more regularly – than you might expect.

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Nurture DEI with Virgin Pulse

Foster connectivity, build empathy and strengthen your organisational culture with VP GO.

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Build better business with Virgin Pulse

Discover how Virgin Pulse can help you better support your people strategy with a simplified and robust wellbeing platform.

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