Global facts & key findings: 7 HR priorities for 2023

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Introducing: our 2023 Global Employee Wellbeing Facts and Key Findings report.

We've pulled together the latest research and findings so you can easily see the facts and figures behind the latest trends—all in one place.

In this report, you’ll learn: 

  • Employees, mental health & how to support their needs 
  • How to build a company culture to be proud of 
  • Why focusing on sickness prevention is a top priority 
  • Why employee health & wellbeing experiences need to be personalised 
  • How to offer financial support to your employees in a turbulent economy 

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of people found company culture extremely important when considering a new job offer


of workers believe their company should be doing more to support the mental health


of employees say improving their wellbeing is more important than advancing their careers

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