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Support employee mental wellbeing

Equip your employees with critical tools and resources to reduce stress, curb anxiety and build resiliency to navigate change.
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Just what your people need

As the world opens back up your employees' mental health should be a core focus of your organisation. And that’s why organisations are turning to Virgin Pulse's health and wellbeing solution, VP GO.

With VP GO, your people will get access to daily mental health tips and digital coaching, to help them reduce stress and anxiety, find focus and manage change and uncertainty.

Digital. Holistic. Personalised.

VP GO lifts up spirits and boosts banter with an engaging health challenge. As your employees embark on a virtual journey around the world, they'll unlock and learn about new exotic destinations - no passport needed. Plus, employees can set personal goals and track their progress. Because what get's measured, get's done.

“It fostered connections that otherwise wouldn’t have been there, even if we were in the office."
Bryan Van Steenbergen

Amneal Pharmaceuticals


Rolled out in days

Time poor or resource restrained? No problem. You'll receive full admin support. So you can sit down and relax. VP GO admin support includes:

  • Multi-channel communications
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Multi-lingual support (including platform availability in 22+ languages)
  • GDPR and APEC CBPR privacy protection

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