COVID-19 Health Impacts:
Combating Social Isolation

How to address the loneliness epidemic in the wake of COVID-19 with Dr. David Batman

The state of fluctuating stress of social isolation can have extreme detrimental effects on a person’s mental, emotional and even physical health. Whether your employees are remote indefinitely, or trickling back into the office, it's imperative to understand how we can address our physical and mental wellbeing, today, and far into the future.


Dr. David C. Batman, MSC, MB.CHB. FFOM
Registered medical practitioner in the UK for over 45 years, and a member of the Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board as a Specialist Consultant in Occupational Medicine.

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  • The real health implications of social isolation
  • How COVID-19, chronic conditions and mental wellbeing are connected and key factors in addressing holistic wellbeing
  • Why lifestyle medicine and personalised care is a critical component of preventing mental health conditions

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