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The 3 Ps of wellbeing buy-in: People, Profit & Persuasion

How to effectively influence leadership to invest in your wellbeing strategy

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With benefits like happier workers, increased productivity, and better retention rates, the need for employee wellbeing is undeniable.  

But leadership buy-in is still the biggest challenge HR teams face.  

So, what now? Watch the webinar replay with Jill King, Regional Vice President of UKIMEA at Virgin Pulse, and Pia Baagø Skat-Rørdam, Owner and Senior Consultant at Trustformation to discover how to get your leadership team on board. 

You’ll also learn how to: 

  • Link wellbeing to business goals
  • Boost productivity while maintaining a passion for people
  • Improve your leadership persuasion skills with Pia’s ‘4 don’ts’ 
  • Plan and weigh up the cost of health & wellbeing initiatives in real terms

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Jill King
Jill King
Regional Vice President UKIMEA Virgin Pulse

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