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Managing Mental Health: Combating the Hidden Threats of COVID-19

Learn how your employees can build resiliences during crises and disruption.

We often overlook how important it is for our mental health and wellbeing as well as for our immunity and burnout prevention. Re-framing our perspective, leaning in to positivity and capitalising on post-traumatic growth are all key to thriving through through volatility, and uncertainty.

Laurie_Santos_Headshot_Round*Hear from cognitive scientist and professor of Psychology at Yale University, Dr. Laurie Santos, as she explores the science behind happiness and how prioritising our mental wellbeing and social connection can improve your overall health, immunity and performance.

In this replay, you'll learn:

  • Top 7 insights on the science of happiness
  • How happiness and gratitude can help you build resilience during times of crisis
  • The importance of maintaining healthy habits in stressful periods

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