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It's time. Re-imagine the way you deliver wellbeing.

Gone are the days of the office fruit box delivery, gym memberships and the occasional company fun run. A digital age calls for a digital solution. One that reaches and connects your employees wherever they are. One that leverages AI technology to address personal employee health and wellbeing needs. And one that drives the measurable business outcomes for your organisation 


Your strategic health and wellbeing partner

From simple, turnkey programmes to fully customisable platforms. Our flexible, digital suite of solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your wellbeing journey and grow with you as your business and wellbeing needs evolve.  Working closely together with a dedicated Client Success Manager, we’ll map out a plan to ensure we hit your unique goals – because every organisation is differentPlus, with over 17 years’ in the industry and access to our Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board, you’ll benefit from comprehensive experience and know-how when it comes to employee engagement, health and wellbeing.  


Driving business outcomes

Building better workplace cultures with more engaged employees. Reducing stress and burnout. Creating healthier and more active employees. Connecting dispersed workforces. We love seeing the transformation organisations around the world are making each day thanks to Virgin Pulse.  

But where’s the proof? It’s in the numbers. Made possible with Virgin Pulse’s rich reports and actionable insights, youll not only marvel at the changes over time, but have the ability to demonstrate the value and impact of your investment in your workforce. 

The proof is in the numbers

of members reported a decrease in their stress levels

Reach high daily engagement, with Virgin Pulse members using the platform an average of 21 days a month, 7 times a day.

Virgin Pulse clients see a 2:1 return on their investment in the programme

Assess your organisational culture

Before deciding which solution is right for you, it’s important to understand the overall health and maturity of your current people strategy. This is where our Culture Check can help.

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Digital. Holistic. Personalised 

With a wealth of social features, a library of fun challenges, inspiring wellbeing content and vibrant communication materials, it’s easy to see why Virgin Pulse has one of the highest daily engagement rates around.

Your employees will experience:
  • Tips, tools and resources for 37 wellbeing topic areas - including mental wellbeing, staying active, nutrition, sleep, conditions management and more! 
  • Health assessment and progress tracking 
  • Personalised recommendations to hit their individual goals 
  • A community of support with social chats & recognition 

Boost employee engagement 

Away with silos! Watch as your employees connect and become closer than ever before. We harness the power of fun, friendly, team-based competition to not just build healthy habits, but drive teamwork and collaboration across your organisation. You’ll notice an increase in the banter, the smiles and laughs. And as your employees lift their physical activity levels, you'll notice a lift in their spirits too. 

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Drive productivity & engagement

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Support mental wellbeing

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on mental health. Help your employees manage stress, change and burnout with resources from the Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

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The ROI/VOI of wellbeing

From lower absenteeism to happier, more engaged employees. Realise a range of return and benefits when you partner with Virgin Pulse.

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