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VP GO Green

Helping your employees on their sustainability journey

Want to go green and smash those wellbeing targets? Looking to see how your company can leave a lasting legacy?

We're all looking to do our part to go green and help the planet. Wouldn't it be great if we could weave that into our health and wellbeing goals?

VP GO Green is the solution you're after. It's the latest edition of our turnkey digital solution. We understand that over the years, businesses and people have put a great deal of effort into tying their sustainability desires with their wellbeing targets. It can be a tough task to balance both!

VP GO Green equips your employees with resources and fun challenges to create healthy habits and act sustainably – strengthening your organisational culture while smashing personal targets and doing your bit for the planet.

Actions speak louder than words, so we have an exciting new initiative to boot. We’re committing to this challenge by planting 10 trees for every 20 members enrolled. Sign up and be a part of our very own Virgin Pulse forest!

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Make a difference 

Having a sustainability plan goes well beyond a cycle-to-work scheme. Further action is needed. The modern employee is becoming more socially conscious. They're wary about their long-term health and wellbeing and how the planet is being managed. They want their employers to step up and make a difference. Tapping into VP GO Green shows you take your environmental responsibilities seriously, and you're not just paying lip service about going green. Harness the tools to make real change within your organisation.

Build together

It would feel pretty cool to leave a legacy, right? Even better to do that, AND leave the planet in an improved state. Well, now is your chance. For VP Green only, we're excited to be launching a new initiative. For every 20 members enrolled, we will be planting ten trees. So don’t miss your opportunity to make a real impact. Just think of the size of the forest we could build together! Put down roots within your company culture and the planet.


VP GO Green is GO GO GO...

VP GO Green can be rolled out to your employees in a matter of days, and enrolment is open NOW! We take care of all the heavy lifting for you to ensure that it is delivered seamlessly and efficiently. We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, so trust you’re in good hands.

  • A comms toolkit to launch without delay
  • An engagement guide to maximising uptake and ongoing engagement
  • Full access to both the app and desktop platform for enrolled members for 4-6 months*
  • Member support to manage any questions your people may have
  • Meaningful data to give you insight into your people
  • A dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure a successful launch and experience
*Exact duration is dependent on when you launch

Help your employees on their sustainability journey

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