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Strategies to help hEALTHY habits stick - dr. sUSAN dAVID

Learn How to Help Employees Achieve Change

susan-davidJoin us in this webinar replay with Dr. Susan David to hear insights from her book, Emotional Agility, and learn how you can translate best practices into your employees professional and personal lives. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How we set ourselves up for failure by making our tweaks “too big” 
  • How to look in the right places for tiny changes that make a big difference 
  • Ways to examine our mindset, motivations, and our habits to become the person we wish to be
Dr. Susan David will also share tips on making habits stick such as:

  • “No-brainer”
  • “Piggybacking”
  • “Pre-commitment”
  • “Obstacle Course”

By learning more about these tried-and-true methods, you'll be able to increase efficacy, productivity and the overall health of your employees. 

This is a great opportunity for HR leaders to learn how to help your employees achieve change and enhance your wellbeing program. 

What Attendees Said: 

“Great information in this webinar from Dr. Susan David. Really broke down a lot of research findings into bite-size information and ideas of how to apply them. Have-to vs. Want-to goals, looking at intention, context and decision, and when a choice works best vs. an instruction - great tools!” 

“Your speaker selection was fantastic. Susan is one of the leading authorities in her space and it was great to hear her views and research on habit change.” 

“The material was presented with real world examples that most everyone could relate to.” 

“Great practical examples for setting yourself up for success.”


Watch the Replay

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