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Equity vs. Equality:
Lifestyle as Medicine and the Social Determinants of Health

Creating Equity is the Key to Improving Health Outcomes

From infancy through old age, the social and physical environments in which people are born, live, work and age can have a significant influence on health outcomes.

Do you know what else has a significant influence on health outcomes? Lifestyle Medicine. 

Lifestyle Medicine is a therapeutic approach to improving health and reversing chronic disease through one's nutrition, exercise regime, sleep habits, stress management and more. Yet, due to the unequal opportunities provided to disadvantaged populations, these most-at-risk individuals lack the resources, education and programs to get or stay healthy. 

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Dr. Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH is the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs for Foodsmart by Zipongo. He has distinguished himself as a recognized leader in his profession in numerous ways, including being board-certified in general preventive medicine and public health.


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