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Experts Weigh In: GLP-1 Drugs, Mental Health, and Importance of Behavior Change Programs

Facing the rising tide of metabolic conditions, including obesity, worldwide, we now have GLP-1 drugs rewriting healthcare rules. Our expert panel explores the broader implications of obesity, the dual clinical and financial aspects of GLP-1s, and the impact on mental health for employers, health plans, and consultants. 

In this GLP-1 webinar replay

With this new and promising class of GLP-1 drugs comes a series of critical considerations and questions for HR decision-makers, consultants, and health plans as to how you will address obesity in your strategic benefit plan offering. These considerations cover a wide range of aspects, including clinical, financial, and outcome-related factors, and expand beyond traditional healthcare benefits to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees. 

One Hour, Countless Insights 

This webinar replay explores complex health concepts in an accessible way, covering topics such as the broader implications of obesity, the dual clinical and financial aspects of GLP-1 drugs, and the impact of obesity and weight loss on mental health. We also discuss the importance of evidence-based behavior-change programs, which are key for organizations striving to achieve long-term clinical outcomes while remaining cost-effective. This holistic perspective on wellbeing is crucial for organizations looking to improve the health of their population and achieve cost savings. 

 Benefit from Direct Access to Industry Experts:

  • Equip yourself with the latest, data-driven knowledge on GLP-1 drugs and the connection between obesity, mental health, and overall wellbeing 
  • Learn about targeted strategies to support lifestyle and behavior change, boosting long-term clinical outcomes and cost savings 
  • Walk away with personalized insights with clinical experts answering your questions 

Expert Clinical Panel:

  • Jeff Jacques, MD, chief medical officer, Virgin Pulse 
  • David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM, member of Virgin Pulse Advisory Council and CEO of Diet ID 
  • Dr. Kate Daley, head of psychology, Unmind 

Shape the future of workplace health – one where your employees thrive, becoming the healthiest versions of themselves through clinical outcomes that deliver return and value on investment. 


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