First Class Status:

Creating a VIP experience to activate, engage, and close gaps for Medicare Advantage members

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Does your Medicare Advantage plan offer a luxury member experience?   

Luxury and Medicare Advantage don’t often come in the same sentence but plans need an edge if they want to compete in this crowded marketplace. They need to ask themselves if they’re building the kind of first-class experience necessary to engage and delight members.  

Not only is the 65+ crowd more digitally savvy than ever, but they’re also more discerning. Members expect high-value and high-reward interactions through technology because it’s now the gold standard for consumers.  

It's time for an upgraded experience! Use technology to personalize and scale interactions members desire for a VIP experience.  

Virgin Pulse and Fierce Healthcare present First Class Status: Creating a VIP experience to activate, engage and close gaps for Medicare Advantage members, where you’ll learn: 

  • What’s trending with Medicare Advantage members including how their expectations and behaviors are shifting  
  • How personalized interactions impact seniors’ everyday vitality 
  • How predictive analytics and AI make personalization more scalable
  • Strategies health plans can use to upgrade and build a VIP experience members expect 

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