What Medicare Advantage Plans Can Learn from Retail Brands

Retailers are pulling out all the stops to engage retirees. What can Medicare Advantage plans learn from them about attracting and delighting those hard-to-reach audiences?

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Fierce Healthcare Consumer Brands Medicare Mockup 2023

What Medicare Advantage plans can learn from consumer brands about reaching hard-to-reach populations 👇

With older populations growing in priority but continuing to elude health plans’ campaigns, retailers’ inventive playbooks may have more to offer than payers may think. What can Medicare Advantage plans learn from the world-class brands that meaningfully attract, engage, and delight those hard-to-reach audiences? 

In this light paper, you’ll learn: 

  • What consumer brands get right about reaching seniors 
  • How retailers wow retirees with engaging multichannel experiences 
  • Best practices across loyalty programs, personalization, and consumer insights 
  • And more!

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Creating a VIP experience to activate, engage, and close gaps for Medicare Advantage members

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