Expert Insights: Part 2 of 2

Fostering emotional Agility in the workplace

Complexity in the Workplace Causes Stress

Today’s working world is complex, and with lightning speed technology and constant communication, employees can feel overwhelmed by change. 

If you think that stress is just happening in your organization, or even your country, you’d be mistaken. Stress is creating chronically unhappy people. For instance, in 2017, The World Health Organization found that depression is now the leading cause of global disability.

We can change this pattern and be our best selves.

susan-david.pngWe’ve teamed up with industry-leader and Harvard Medical School Psychologist Susan David, Ph.D., to:

  • Learn ways to foster emotional agility in your workplace
  • See how agile organizations create successful environments
  • Learn how to bring out the best in employees and management

Find Part 1: Understanding Emotional Agility here.


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