Global Webinar

Employee Wellbeing and Wellness: A Global Perspective

Employee wellbeing is vital, but do you really understand what health and wellness issues are affecting your population?

In the current climate of business challenges and uncertainty, the contributions your employee workforce adds to your bottom line have never been more imperative.

Virgin Pulse has investigated the major health issues currently impacting employees and how to find solutions. Our experts explore these key issues and answer your burning questions. They answer why...

  • Addressing wellbeing trumps all
  • Employee engagement impacts wellbeing and affects alignment to your corporate goals and outcomes
  • Failing health services are hindering performance (and what you can do to support your employees!)
  • The move to the digitization of health is essential for organizations
  • Mental health problems are increasing and affecting work, not through absenteeism, but through presenteeism
  • There is a wellbeing mismatch between employer delivery, employee expectations & experience
  • Employer support benefits your business, employees, and their families  
Dr. Jodi Smith

Director, Clinical Quality

Dr. David Batman

Science Advisory Board Member

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