Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

Leverage wellbeing to transform your company culture

Elevate your business with Global Challenge 

Taking part in the Global Challenge will foster a healthy company culture, better internal communication and team spirit. It equips your employees with the knowledge, tools and support they need to build healthy habits that will ultimately, boost the performance of your business.  

Global Challenge has helped businesses improve employee wellbeing, transform company culture, increase productivity, reduce stress and lower risk of workplace incidents. 

After taking part in the program: 

  • 58% of members improved their productivity
  • 70% of members reduced their stress levels at work and at home
  • 74% of members are now getting 10,000+ steps a day vs. 21% pre-Global Challenge
  • 60% of members who tracked their weight lost an average of 3.5kg
  • 91% of members would recommend the Global Challenge 

Data source: May 2019 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge:  Global Final Report 


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