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Voice of the Consumer: Social Determinants of Health Matter


Members Speak Up on SDOH

Where does health begin? Many think it starts in a doctor's office or with a gym membership.  

But our health has far more to do with where we live, work, and play, known as social determinants of health (SDOH), than how often we see a physician. When you analyze SDOH data you not only get a better picture of an individual’s health but of their risk factors, and how to tailor your approach to supporting them in their health journey.  

Virgin Pulse gathered information from 2,000 U.S. adults nationwide because we wanted to know what individuals understood about SDOH. When you know how people perceive what shapes their health and wellbeing you can better understand their risks to drive action by identifying and breaking down barriers.  

Find out what we learned through the powerful information in this report, which has information on questions like: 

  • Do members understand what contributes to their health? 
  • Are they willing to share SDOH factors with you? 
  • What are their biggest obstacles to achieving optimal health? 
  • How can SDOH data can help you build more inclusive programs for your people?
  • How does Virgin Pulse help us drive improved engagement, better outcomes, lower costs, and higher
    satisfaction and loyalty?

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