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Healthcare Marketing Guide: How to improve your campaign performance

Today’s hospitals and health system marketers are in a unique position. They’re being asked to drive patient volume and revenues and balance demand, so their already strained system and staff won’t be overwhelmed when patients respond to campaigns.

How are the most successful hospital and health system marketing teams navigating this challenge? This guide, developed by seasoned health system and hospital marketing experts, provides direction on how to overcome some of the most common challenges today's marketing teams are up against.

You'll discover:

  • A complete guide to challenges health system marketers face
  • How data and technology improve targeting and optimize campaign performance
  • Best practices to optimize your marketing team's strategy and shifting priorities
  • Questions to ask martech health care marketing vendors and agencies 

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Align siloed marketing campaigns and create breakthrough multi-channel, multi-cycle campaigns with this guide from Virgin Pulse & health system marketing experts.

The unique challenges of healthcare marketing

Over the last 20 years, Virgin Pulse has focused on healthcare marketing. We've learned that marketing for healthcare companies, medical practices, health systems, and hospitals has unique challenges. Success demands a clear understanding of healthcare marketing challenges and how to navigate these to deliver revenue.

This guide is designed to help healthcare marketers prepare new strategies and increase their knowledge to evaluate potential vendors better.

The anatomy of health system marketing challenges

Targeting Limitations

You invest tremendous time, money, and energy in creating campaigns to attract and retain new and existing patients. Yet, you need to know whom to target with which programs and how to best communicate with them to get the results you want or need.

A smart combination of healthcare and non-healthcare data, including social determinants of health, can predict your population's needs and likeliness to engage - at the individual level.

A good healthcare marketing strategy will often rely on creative and messaging to attract the right patients, and smart data ensures it gets to the right person at the right time.

Specialized Marketing Stack

Many marketing tools are add-ons from other systems, meaning they do not have the power, data, and real-time insights health system and hospital marketers need to succeed. Just because your organization has adopted one system for patient information doesn't mean it will support your needs. 

Successful marketers will use solutions that work for them and for patients and find vendors that offer a variety of service levels based upon your unique needs. Want a full extension of your team or just run on your own? The partner you choose should treat you like a partner, not a customer service case.


For patient acquisition and service line marketing, ROI and revenue driven is always top of mind for marketers and leadership. Waiting for monthly or quarterly reports puts you at risk of losing marketing dollars and potential confidence from senior leadership. Solving this challenge requires a partner that can tell you to whom they sent marketing outreach and tracks all of the information in a health CRM that supports throttling campaigns, filling gaps, and how to leverage more channels based upon the first response.

Align your marketing goals with best practices

Healthcare has become increasingly complex. Thus, your goals today might differ three months from now.

Keep this how-to guide to improving campaign performance on your desktop and refer to it as new opportunities come forward to ensure you are in the best place to drive revenues for your health system or hospital. 

In this guide, we cover:

  • The challenge
  • What you need
  • Questions to ask
  • And how to get there

for these revenue-generating marketing needs:

  1. How to add SDOH data into your health systems data set
  2. How to promote health equity to support your community
  3. How to acquire more high-value patients
  4. How to regain lost revenue - fast
  5. How to prove campaign ROI
  6. How to engage with patients more frequently
  7. How to easily run a multi-channel campaign

Your path to patient activation begins here.