Creating Health Equity For All

Member Zip Codes Matter More than Genetic Codes

Understanding Health Disparities

Our health is influenced by more than our genes and our lifestyles. Our neighborhoods, communities and institutions all play a role in our health. Having access to clean water, healthy food, education, a stable living situation, a strong social support system and a safe workplace are as important to the health of your population as their age and health history.


greater likelihood of developing a major chronic condition among minority ethnic populations


higher hospitalization rate for Black Americans and 3x higher mortality rate for black moms and newborn babies


of mainly Spanish-speaking Hispanic and Latino people report communication problems with their physicians

By combining advanced technology and person-to-person support, Virgin Pulse aims to create fair opportunities for all members to live a long and healthy lives and facilitate health equity. We share your commitment to lowering cost of care and improving community health.

How Homebase for Health® Improves Health Equity

Improve community health by making it easy for members to understand, activate and use their benefits in context of who they are and within their established daily routines. The Wellbeing Hub was purposefully built with the following capabilities that ensure the right people are getting the right type of support:

Content for every member

As part of our commitment to improving the access and equity of health and wellbeing support, we continually update our content and programming. Recently we launched additional evidence-based content to help members facilitate successful interactions in health care, the workplace, and other settings across social, physical and environmental communities. Every content and image refresh uses the lens of an inclusive community and helps build health literacy.

Specific actions to address Social Determinants of Health

Our data on 275 million Americans and thousands of SDOH variables gives you a clear picture into your population. We can also predict with up to 90% accuracy individuals’ needs, risks and receptivity using genetic algorithms and machine learning. This allows us to identify and mitigate potential barriers to activating individuals – engaging them in preventive services, seeking support or complying with care programs.

Coaches that support everyone in your community

Virgin Pulse coaches are trained to understand and appropriately respond to the unique combination of cultural variables—including ability, age, beliefs, ethnicity, experience, gender, gender identity, linguistic background, national origin, geographic location, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Our deeply integrated live resources work with members to create health solutions and care pathways unique to their situation including their social determinants of health.

Channels that reach and engage

With up to 9 integrated channels available, everyone can be made aware of the benefits available to them. Working with health plans, we have extensive experience engaging hard-to-reach populations with IVR calls and secure text messaging

Assistance and guides to navigating the complex healthcare system

Health equity exists when everyone experiences optimal health outcomes. Virgin Pulse helps to provide cost and provider transparency, steering members to the best and most-affordable care. We also seamlessly guide members to lower-cost, quality options and help them access and utilize benefits year-round to support whole-person health.

Science that changes behaviors

Our Science Advisory Board helps ensure that our technology and overall wellbeing experiences are rooted in the most relevant scientific evidence and best practices. Board member Dr. Jessica Isom is a Clinical Instructor in the Yale University Department of Psychiatry with years of clinical experience with racial health disparities and ethnic mental health issues. We share her passion for eradicating racial and ethnic mental health disparities, mitigating the impact of implicit racial bias on clinical care and using a community-focused population health approach.

Partners That Close Care Gaps

Our ecosystem of 75+ partners feature a broad array of highly-focused resources, allowing organizations to offer up more variety in programming that may be more relevant and valuable to sub-populations.

Health Equity Resources

Hear From a Virgin Pulse Member Directly

Check out this 1-min video to see how Virgin Pulse has positively impacted Clayton Roberts from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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