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Homebase for Health®

Learn about the latest innovations and discover how Virgin Pulse employs human-centered design to deepen social connections, deliver meaningful health outcomes, seamlessly connect members to their health, and help to reduce administrative burden.

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Why Homebase for Health®?

Virgin Pulse's Homebase for Health® is a trusted, purpose-built, highly personalized experience designed to help each user make relevant behavior changes that deliver outcomes. With this approach, data is humanized, connecting members to meaningful next best healthy actions and recommendations, improving discoverability, awareness, and utilization across their entire Homebase for Health®.

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Social Connections

Social connections are critical to mental and physical health. For over 17 years, Virgin Pulse has supported organizations of all shapes and sizes – small and large, remote and onsite, and across various industries. Our innovations help organizations foster and deepen connections through evidence-based content and programming, including new social tools to bring together diverse and dispersed populations.

  • Newly added team-based Cross-Sponsor and Family Challenges bolster our expansive challenge library. In addition to inspiring healthy habits and supporting whole-person wellbeing, these new challenges create more opportunities to build communities, create inclusive experiences, and engage employees in the company mission, values, and culture.
  • Social Group Boards offer an additional tool to strengthen community across an organization by facilitating conversations on important health and wellbeing topics. Employers can focus on themes important to their organization, ensuring a culture of health and wellbeing that aligns with their organization's unique values.

Data-Driven Activities and Outcomes

Using data to deliver targeted, evidence-based next best steps, Virgin Pulse understands each user at an atomic level. A deeply personalized and meaningful user experience that brings together disparate sets of data enables demonstrable outcomes for our clients.

  • The continuing expansion of AI capabilities fuels discovery and engagement through intelligent recommendations. Smart, orchestrated nudges cover a variety of actions, including challenges, partner programs, and more to increase awareness, activation, and adoption.
  • An expanded ecosystem of devices, apps, and a growing library of performance-related insights to create data sets beyond our platform supports member choice and provides one trusted Homebase for Health®.

Personalized Health

Health is personal. Our approach places the member at the center, ensuring that every aspect of a member's experience is unique and specific to their set of circumstances – their challenges, resources, patterns, and more. Virgin Pulse makes it easy for members to understand and take action to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

  • Our Gaps in Care solution, which provides evidence-based personalized dashboards to close preventive and condition-specific gaps, now supports COVID-19 vaccine compliance.
  • Our new health domain interface offers an enhanced user experience within our web and mobile apps to eliminate the uncertainty and confusion of navigating one's own health and wellbeing journey by bringing all health programming into one easy-to-access place.
  • NCQA certification achieved for our health risk assessment, digital coaching Journeys, and live coaching ensures adherence to evidence-based standards and promises the highest quality of care for your population.
  • Our expanded partner network includes new health and wellbeing solution providers: Airbo, ALAViDA, BurnAlong, ClassPass, OneDrop, Pack Health, Rx Savings Solutions, Spring Health, and Vida Health.

Powerful and Simple Administrative Resources

Virgin Pulse’s expanded strategic partnership simplifies everyday tasks and deepens our commitment to support client choice and flexibility. New, thoughtfully-integrated administrative tools and resources make health and wellbeing easy to administer while reducing the burden to achieve the highest member engagement and satisfaction.

  • Our Rewards and Incentives Engine puts engagement in the hands of our clients without adding administrative burden. New incentive design tools, such as Rewards Campaigns and Universal Vouchers, drive engagement while simplifying the delivery for clients.
  • Dynamic rewards allow clients to target specific populations and segment incentives based on member attributes. By offering additional ways to earn rewards for targeted actions, clients can help employees effectively manage health conditions.
  • New Developer API enables clients to pull real-time Virgin Pulse rewards data into their intranet or member portal to boost engagement.

Creating Health Equity for a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Virgin Pulse is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion when it comes to the products and services we offer our clients and their members. Through our Homebase for Health® solution, we aim to address interconnected and mission-critical priorities such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, social determinants of health, and mental health in an authentic, intentional way to help our clients build equitable communities and organizational cultures. In 2021, we have calibrated, updated and enhanced our platform and services to ensure that DEI is foundational, intentional and actionable.

With an inclusive and integrated health and wellbeing experience that combines technology and empathy and features evidence-based, people-centric and globally appropriate content and tools, Virgin Pulse is the right partner to tackle the need for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and healthcare.


Health Coaches, Guides, and
Onsite Wellness

Virgin Pulse’s population health management solutions enable your organization to identify and support your most vulnerable and at-risk employees. With evidence-based best practices, clinical interventions, and multi-modal solutions enabled through Live Coaching, Next Steps Consult, and Onsite Services, you can safely and actively engage your employees and members.

Digital Theraputics - 2-1-2-1-1-1

Digital Therapeutics

VP Transform for Prediabetes™ and VP Transform for Weight Management™ are year-long, evidence-based, CDC-recognized behavior change programs designed to help members reduce their risk of costly chronic conditions. These scalable digital therapeutic solutions utilize a high-tech, high-touch approach to empower your employees to achieve sustainable weight loss and increase health-supporting habits.

Market-Leading Engagement.
Extraordinary Outcomes.

With a Homebase for Health® approach, you can create data and insights-based strategies to encourage your people to practice daily healthy behaviors, choose better care and achieve healthier outcomes at scale.

Members engage with Virgin Pulse an average of 21 days each month.

8 in 10 members report positive lifestyle changes with Virgin Pulse.

Virgin Pulse clients save an average of $1,029 per member each year.

Trusted by Leading Organizations Everywhere

Virgin Pulse supports 4,000 clients across 190 countries, and 84 of the Global Fortune 500.

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