How Workplace and HR Leaders Can Drive Company-Wide Support for Employee Mental Health Initiatives 

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5 Strategies to Support Employee Mental Wellbeing 

The mental health of your people matters more than you might realize. 

Employees are struggling with their mental health, and they’re looking to their organization for support. According to Forrester, up to 50% of people find mental health services through their organization first.  

As the world continues to cope with years of pandemic stress and anxiety about the future, mental health is a big concern both in and outside the workplace. Unfortunately, just 55% of employees say senior leaders understand what they “need and want” in their working lives. Access this quick read to learn how to eliminate mental health stigma and support your employees' whole-person wellbeing. 

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  • Where to start with addressing employee's stress and mental wellbeing
  • Why employee mental health training is beneficial to leadership, management and HR teams
  • How one-on-one support with a health coach can help employees build resilience and improve their overall sense of wellbeing 

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