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Increase Stress Resiliency & Minimize Burnout for your care team

Do You Know the Differences Between
Stress & Burnout?

Stress isn’t always unhealthy. Stress, especially in high-impact positions, can spur individuals to higher levels of achievement. When managed effectively, stress can drive higher levels of day-to-day performance, keep individuals highly-engaged and produce a sense of urgency.

Burnout, on the other hand, is always unhealthy. Burnout causes shutdown, fuels disengagement and leads to a lack of motivation. When pressure accumulates and people aren’t able to rejuvenate, take a break or process repetitive stress, the result is burnout. It’s simply too much stress to manage.

In this Tip Sheet you'll learn:

  • How to decipher the differences of stress and burnout
  • Tips to increase stress resiliency in your care team
  • How to help your people cope with stress
  • The most common causes of worker stress

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