Supporting Insurers to Engage Members to Live Healthier Lifestyles

We can support your clients and members in creating a holistic Homebase for Health® that keeps them happy, healthy, and engaged!

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As insurers, you are devoted to providing the best service to your clients and members. Learn how Virgin Pulse can support organisations like yours to add unparalleled value for your clients, engage more members and deliver better outcomes.

Together, we can change people's lives for good every day.

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Better Health Through Partnership

We know that you deliver exceptional support for your clients, their employees, and your members. Virgin Pulse can help support your clients, engage your members to live healthier lives by sustaining positive lifestyle changes. By leveraging our platform, you are:

Focused on Members

Engaging and supporting members and employees to build healthy habits and positive lifestyle changes.

Future Outlooks

Focusing on prevention models that ultimately lead to fitter, healthier, and happier members to improve client's satisfaction and support them in their retention and acquisition strategy

Data and Analytics

Using data and analytics to deliver a seamless member experience

Market Differentiation

Differentiate yourself in the insurance matured market by becoming a member's partner of life and move away from the old-insurance perception

Product Integration

Creating engagement with other services and products of your organisation

Industry Knowledge

Understanding the health profile across your book of business via our HRA, daily engagement, and habit tracking

Benefits of a Successful Partnership Between Insurers & Virgin Pulse

With over 17 years of experience and expertise, partnering with Virgin Pulse offers multiple unique benefits and ensures that your clients and members are in good hands.

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Business Focus

A partnership with Virgin Pulse allows you to focus on your primary business while you leave the member engagement to a best-in-class solution & expertise. 

Client Value

Drive client value by engaging with your clients daily with applicable health and wellbeing content to help promote positive health and lifestyle changes.


Full Control

We empower you to control the content, partner integrations, and the setup of the support system.

Adaptability and Innovation

Our technology evolves as your business and the needs of your clients evolve. To ensure this we invest heavily in innovation to remain the market leader. (+$40m in 2021)


Security, Privacy and Protection

We understand protecting your client's data is of the utmost importance, we are EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, EU-U.S. and ISO 27001:2013

Data and Analytics

Having access to your own personalised data can help you understand the member user behaviour, key health metrics, engagement, and utilisation.

Trusted by Innovative Insurers

On average, Virgin Pulse members use the platform 21 days a month, interacting 6 times a day - and they love it with a 4.9 rating in app store with over 152k reviews

Each member can invite 10 friends or family to the platform - for free - instantly extending your brand and creating a connected community centered on health and wellbeing

Our insurer clients see an average of 81% member engagement in Health Risk Assessments!

Enhancing our Partnership with Market Differentiation

Our platform is flexible to meet the unique needs of your commercial members and custom experiences for large, strategic accounts. Learn more about our strategic sales support, dynamic marketing communications, and reporting and analytics suite of services that delivers you differentiation, day in and day out.


Embracing DEI through Health and Wellbeing 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. They’re more than just buzzwords. They’re values that don’t shift and they help employees feel and perform their best. DEI is a first principle for Virgin Pulse, and we are living and breathing it. The same way we leverage our Homebase for Health® vision internally to foster a culture of inclusion at Virgin Pulse, we work with our clients to help them shift culture in a meaningful way aligning it to their unique culture and program goals. Some vehicles of engagement in the platform around DEI are 40+ Healthy Habits Journeys® and 100+ Daily Cards that focus on embracing diversity in multiple ways.

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A Partnership to Expand Community and Client Loyalty

You deserve an innovative partner to deliver you continuous innovation and ongoing thought leadership. Our Community and Client Loyalty Package delivers you industry expertise from VP’s Scientific Advisory Board and brings forward our always-on innovation roadmap. Learn more about our Community and Client Loyalty Package and the differentiation it’ll deliver to you.

Best-In-Class Behavior Change Platform

We believe in delivering a product that members find intuitive, easy to use, and personalized to the individual—for all your lines of business. Our platform supports behavior-based decisions and follows best practices clinical guidelines, leading your members to their next best action to ensure they get the support they need.

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Social Determinants of Health

Health has evolved beyond diet, exercise, and medication, including factors like social support and diversity, equity, and inclusion. See how Virgin Pulse addresses social determinants of health through human interaction, peer-group programming, deep plan integrations, navigation, health literacy, and more.

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2021 Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

We make it easy to regularly deliver fresh content to your clients and leverage our direct-to-employer expertise to position yourself as the market leader in health and wellbeing. Learn about how to support your employers and members through issues like work-from-home burnout, finding happiness in difficult times, and staying healthy in the new year. 

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Virgin Pulse Adaptive Partner Network

We make it easy to integrate and promote third-party solutions to drive awareness, usage, and efficacy. Learn more about Virgin Pulse's flexible and collaborative approach to working with partners that give you and your members the most impactful experience possible. 

Clients Share Best Practices, Learnings and How Partnership with Virgin Pulse is Delivering Outcomes

Gain insights into health plan and corporation client success stories on how a partnership with Virgin Pulse has accelerated their ability to meet strategic goals and objectives.

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