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The Corporate Wellbeing Market: Explosive Growth Continues

Learn why employee wellbeing should be central to your HR strategy and how to build your program from the ground up.

josh-bersin-circle“Unemployment is low and the economy and stock market are growing, yet we are getting less work done each day,” reports industry analyst Josh Bersin. Why? Stanford University Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer sums it up1:

“The workplace is the single biggest source of stress in America.”

More than half of workers cite poor work-life balance and almost 40% believe they cannot achieve career success without negatively impacting their family life, and we’re getting less done because of it.2 As a result, more than a third of employees admit that they are productive for less than 30 hours per week.3

Couple disengagement and low productivity with poor health, more than half of Americans have a chronic condition and more than a quarter have two4, and it’s not hard to see why employees and employers alike are struggling.

The good news is that this trend is reversible. Successful organizations recognize that the key to employee productivity and engagement is rooted employee health and wellbeing. Bersin explores the critical link between employee wellness, employee performance and business results and offers a step-by-step guide for building wellbeing into your corporate culture. Download this report to learn how organizational investments in wellbeing programs – and people - are translating into high-performing workforces and business results.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • What corporate wellness is and why it is no longer optional
  • How to build a successful corporate wellbeing strategy and embed health and wellbeing into the DNA of your organization
  • How leading organizations are driving business results and real outcomes through wellbeing

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