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How Positive Habits Drive Happiness and Culture Change

Dr. Laurie Santos, Psychology Professor at Yale University

Laurie_Santos_Headshot_Round*Dr. Laurie Santos is an expert on the cognitions, origins and evolutionary biases that influence our life choices. Dr. Santos' happiness  class at Yale is the most popular class in the university’s history. 

In this exclusive video,  Dr. Santos shares her insights on how positive habits increase happiness and culture change at Yale and how they apply to your current and future workforce.

Watch the Complete Dr. Santos to learn:

  • 10 Key insights on happiness including the GI Joe fallacy,  the level of influence we have on our own happiness, the importance of social connections and more
  • How to improve the happiness and quality of life for you and your workforce.
  • Practical steps to increase workforce happiness and drive culture change.

Learn 10 Key Happiness Insights

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