Creating a Culture of Wellbeing

Why Wellness Isn't Enough

Your wellness program simply isn’t getting the job done. It’s limited in scope and unable to drive positive results. Your employees are still sick, stressed out and unengaged on the job.

The solution? Wellbeing. As more organizations recognize the benefits of improved wellbeing, it becomes increasingly clear that wellness programs are not the answer. To help your workforce bring their best selves to work each day, your solution of choice is an holistic approach to wellbeing, one that ignite employees and realizes positive business results.

Download the white paper written by Dr. Michael M. Moon, the principal consultant and founder of MMM & Associates, on behalf of Virgin Pulse to learn:

  • Why employers are shifting their view on their role in the overall wellbeing  of their workforce
  • The many ways narrowly focused wellness programs aren’t meeting employee or employer needs
  • Components of holistic employee wellbeing and ways to embed it into your culture