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no health without mental health:
how stress is felt around the world

Dr. David Batman Shares why Stress Levels are Rising Worldwide and What Employers Need to Do

High levels of long-term stress are detrimental to our mental health and overall wellbeing. In the US alone, one in four individuals experience a mental health problem each year and serious mental illnesses cost our country $139 billion in lost earnings per year. So what's the underlying issue? Major increases in stress levels around the world are negatively impacting the total workforce.  

batmanJoin Dr. Batman in this webinar replay to learn how stress levels in the US compare to other parts of the globe and steps employers should take to avoid employee burnout.  

Watch this replay to learn:

  • The difference between "good stress" and "bad stress"
  • How to manage, maintain, and improve brain function for increased resiliency 
  • Proactive steps to take to reduce the risk of mental ill health 
  • The impact of mental health on workplace performance 
What attendees said:

“I really appreciate Dr. Batman's "keep it simple," approach: "notice change; how am I doing? how are you doing?" His suggestion also creates a real opportunity for eye contact and meaningful connection even if it needs to be brief. Again, THANK  YOU! for your quality work and meaningful, relevant topics & conversations.”

“Very informative, nice comfortable format for the presentation.”

“Great subject and clinical viewpoints. I will share this with my colleagues for sure.”

“Well done, good pace, nice amount of detail on a variety of stress related topics.”

“Excellent topic and loved the speaker.”


Watch the Replay

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