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A third of workers whose companies offer an EAP or insurance coverage for their mental health care think their employer isn't doing enough to support their mental health¹. 

Access, availability, out-of-pocket costs, and navigating benefits to begin and continue regular mental health care impact perception and ability to start or continue care.

With the continuing mental health crisis, it is clear that EAP and insurance alone aren't the answer.

Over the past decade, the mental health market has expanded with preventative, robust and on-demand support in response to the challenge faced by essentially every employer. Our partners, like Headspace, Koa Health, Lifespeak, meQ, RethinkCare, SilverCloud, Spring Health, and Unmind, are front and center to help employees and HR leaders by educating, empowering, and guiding them wherever they are in their mental health journey while being embedded directly into their daily health and wellbeing routine. 

You know you need a partner, but where to start? 

We're taking you out of your inbox and into an eBook where you can get to know these partners and their capabilities. Perfect now as you think about new benefits ahead of open enrollment.

As members of our Virgin Pulse partner ecosystem, everything from contracting to integration to utilization is built into the Virgin Pulse platform, significantly reducing your start-up and ongoing admin. We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what matters most to you, the mental health of your people and yourself.

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Source: Fortune

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