Finding Patient Unicorns

How predictive propensity models power marketing ROI for Houston Methodist and St. Bernards

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Using generic marketing strategies won't be effective if you want to attract high-value patients who may be at risk for specific health conditions or are new to your area. You can't just "spray and pray."

Learn from the successful marketing strategies of Houston Methodist and St. Bernards, which use predictive propensity models from Virgin Pulse to acquire high-value patients needing specific services to deliver ROI on marketing campaigns.

Virgin Pulse aims to provide marketers with the necessary resources to develop effective and profitable healthcare marketing programs. With the acquisition of Tea Leaves Health and Welltok, we offer access to predictive data models and multi-channel communication strategies.

Meet your panel:

Lydia Parkey Headshot
Lydia Parkey
Executive Director, St. Bernards Medical Group
Mary Kay Boitano-Nelson
Senior Product Manager, Digital Marketing, Houston Methodist
Jaci Haack
Vice President, Strategic Development for Health Systems, Virgin Pulse

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